The Cultural Mismatch In The Hood Of The Diamonds

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Members of the Diamonds encountered many rejections within their society as a whole. The two main cultural mismatch that occurs in the hood of the Diamonds is the rejection of school and the law.
School Experience
As early as elementary school, members of the Diamonds were already labeled as abnormal. Many of the Diamonds were in pain as teachers and staff refused to understand and respect their cultural and socioeconomic background (Padilla 1996: 69). Flaco, one of the members, had a discussion with Padilla about his experience in school. Teachers would put into their heads, “You guys are troublemakers,” and “You guys are too loud.” In turn of this experience, Flaco classified himself as the bad ones (Padilla 1996: 70-71). Another experience involved Coco. Coco had an excessively active behavior
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This became his permeant class, which he was the only Puerto Rican in the class, so other kids would pick on him and would think he is retarded. As a result, Coco would end up in many fights and eventually would get caught. People in school, like the teachers and principals, did not listen to you because they are supposed to be right all the time (Padilla 1996: 71-72). In addition, members of the Diamonds would constantly be blamed for everything that went wrong at school. For example, Lobo would be labeled a troublemaker for being late to school on several occasions; every act that happened in school was blamed on him. One time, he was walking in the hallway, and someone threw a rock through the window, and all the kids said, ‘Lobo did it.’ The stories of these and other youngsters served as evidence of the difficulties attending school while knowing they were being viewed as the cause for every disruptive situation there. Also, the bearers of the troublemaker label, they remember being cut off from participation in activities involving other normal students, though they believed they possessed the
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