The Cultural Norm Of The Rican Culture

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I am originally from Puerto Rico, which is a country in which communication is an integral part of society. The cultural norm of the Puerto Rican culture is to speak up when necessary and communicate clearly if we want things to be done. At the same time, I believe that in order to produce results, the manner in which communicating takes place, is an extremely important component. My culture also showed me how the emotions used when communicating, such as the use of the hands and body language, will dictate the tone and flow of the communication. The literature suggests that the majority (as much as 76%) of the message we gibe to another person during conversations is carried by non-verbal or para-verbal communication. Thus, we must be very careful and strategic in our use o non-verbal communication (Van Acker, 1997). Therefore, I consider the communication interactions to be the component that may decide the course of events when an exchange of ideas takes place.
I became an educator as a way to share the knowledge and experiences I have formally and informally learned throughout my life. In order for teachers to be successful transmitters of knowledge, it is imperative for them to have excellent communication skills with all the school’s stakeholders. To engage in meaningful multicultural practice, families and schools need to operate as interdependent, mutually respectful partners (Ramsey, 2004, p. 46). How they express themselves, as well as how they treat other

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