The Cultural Perspective On Children 's Learning Essay

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The first idea which interested me came from Chapter one. The socio- cultural perspective. This perspective explains, how children’s learning is influenced by family and culture in which children are living. A pioneer of the sociocultural approach was psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934). L. Vygotsky believed that children’s learning and development is strongly influenced by child’s culture and how children develop and learn can be different from culture to culture. He proposed that children, in order to learn, need to be supported by other people. For example, teachers and peers, who already gained particular knowledge. The second theorist of socio-cultural approach was B. Rogoff (1950). Same as L. Vygotsky, she believed, that children learn best through interaction with other people and through experiencing things by themselves. B. Rogoff stresses, that children are learning as an individual, by exploring and observing they surroundings; and they can influence other children’s learning (Starting with the child,2016). Moreover, she views children as actively participates in a learning process. I have found the socio-cultural perspective interesting, as it helps me to understand, what shapes children behaviour and what makes them as individuals. Lots of children came from different backgrounds and every one of them have been modelled by culture and society. I am supporting socio-cultural approach in my work. This means that I am providing lots of practical activities
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