The Cultural Point Of View

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Psychologists use a wide range of ways to deal with, comprehend and clarify human behavior. The social/cultural point of view otherwise called sociocultural, is one method used to grasp why people act the way they do. This method looks to comprehend human behavior and identity improvement by inspecting the standards of the social gatherings and subgroups in which the individual is a part of. (Nevid, 2003) These principles are regularly unwritten rules that assist to direct a person’s activities. Race and ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, social class, family conventions, associate gatherings, and age are a portion of the subgroups that may impact somebody 's behavior. (Ellyson, et al., 2014) The sociocultural method is stating that individuals behave a certain way due to their social and cultural connection. Individuals are influenced by other individuals they are around on a regular basis. Social forces are very influential in determining the behavior of individuals; however, they are frequently overlooked or underestimated. (Ellyson, et al., 2014) This perspective asks questions about why we obey people with authority, how we enter and maintain relationships, and what standards we consider appropriate, such as gender roles. The social/cultural viewpoint additionally advises us that we are impacted by components that are more extensive, yet generally as essential. (Nevid, 2003) By setting the investigation of the person in his or her cultural and social connection, a
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