The Cultural Structures Of The United States

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Very often people live their lives without the awareness of the basic structures that they are exposed to and adapted into. The very things that regulate our day to day lives are often overlooked or never noticed. Johnson discovered this while vacationing in Mexico. While appreciating his time away from home, he came to realize that he had lost his actual sense of time. This created a feeling of uneasiness and the general feeling of being lost. Johnson wasn’t lost in the sense of being in an unidentified place; he was lost due to his withdrawal from his cultural time structure. Nature is not defined by minutes, hours, weeks, or years. “Time” is a creation of people, yet in some cultures is regarded as being “natural”. Because systems are integral to culture, Johnson came to realize that time organization is much more than creating a distinction between specific moments within a given day. He realized that the concept of time was created to allow a cultural structure to regulate itself and to organize the people within it. It allows for efficiency and the ability of people to conduct themselves within their culture’s expectations. These cultural expectations are what shape the social structures found within a society. The social structures are the things that design relationships between people and people, people and systems, or systems and systems. The social structures provide a blueprint for how we are to live our lives in relation to one another. In one sense, social
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