The Cultural Ties, Friendships, And Economic Relationships

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In the past, languages have always been viewed as tools for communication. However, as the years have passed, we have come to learn that they are so much more than just that. Not only are languages means of communicating thoughts and ideas, they also forge cultural ties, friendships, and economic relationships. Languages help form community and produce a feeling of togetherness that many people have come to appreciate. Unfortunately, many languages have started to fade and become rare and others have fallen into oblivion. Catalan is the first language in the city of Barcelona and was originally developed from Vulgar Latin. It is very old and existed long before even the 15th century. During Franco’s rule in…show more content…
The use of Catalan in public was forbidden and the language was used mostly only in homes. According to language politics in Francoist Spain (1939-1975), the use of Castilian over Catalan was promoted at the time, although thousands of books were still published in Catalan. In April 1938, the Statue of Autonomy of Calatonia was approved by Franco’s government and passed by the Consitutional Courts when Franco’s troops penetrated the Catalan soil (Dutt). As a consequence, the Catalan language, which was the official language at the time, together with Spanish, was left out of the Parliament of Catalonia. It was also left out of schools and universities as its public use was prohibited and it was confined to home life, which meant it was pushed back into a situation where Spanish was predominant over Catalan (Tobat). Catalan was hidden and its public use was ridiculed and despised. The region was covered with posters and signs which usually read something along the lines of ‘If you are Spanish, speak Spanish’, ‘If you are Spanish, speak the language of the Empire’. If a citizen was heard speaking Catalan in a public space, he was addressed with phrases like ‘Speak in the Christian tongue’ or ‘Let’s see when you stop barking’. Public signs with offensive sentences like ‘Prohibited to spit and speak in
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