The Cultural Transformation of American Newspaper Readers' Shift to E-Papers

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Abstract Transformation is an adjective unique to the cultural diversity across the globe. The fact remains inevitable that the media is a strong agent that serves to shape the lifestyles of the individuals. In the preceding decade a dramatic transformation has been observed in the newspaper readership habits of the Americans. The newspaper readership preferences of the average American are transformed from the traditional newspaper to the jet paced E-Papers. The following paper tends to discourse all the possible symptoms of this cultural transformation. The compact time and space settings are contributing drastically to the content as well as the reading preferences of the readers. The case study presents a detailed and structured analysis of how the preferences of the newspaper reader shifted from the newspapers to the E-papers. The case tends to shed light on the newspaper publishing house, The Chronicle Gazette. Susan Feinman is one of the senior publishers in The Chronicle Gazette. The newspaper enjoys a significant rather an immense paid circulation of 225000 customers. The Chronicle Gazette is a first class newspaper of the city and the writers of the newspaper are splendidly recognized as per their literally achievements. The scenario explained in the case study tends to indicate that The Chronicle Gazette is a much demanded newspaper by the citizens and is in a profitable state. But Susan is experiencing hard time as the subscription rate of her newspaper s
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