The Cultural Value Of Food Market

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In recent years the average consumer is often faced with a choice on where to buy their groceries. The food that we purchase in stores sometimes makes us ask ourselves if the groceries that consumers are buying daily are “real” items found in nature or a substance that was created by a scientist in a laboratory. The foods that we eat as consumers of the United States are usually created by genetically modified ingredients while other foods can be classified as organic and not contain any of the harmful additives and preservatives that consumers are addicted to in food that they consume everyday. Some grocery stores care about mass profits and getting the consumer into their store, while others are more concerned about the source of where…show more content…
Hence, purity from such thoughts would be a cure from pain and suffering. (The Complete Idiot 's Guide to Buddhism) The idea of purity also helped the young Gautama make moral choices in which would impact his future for the rest of his young life. In the book entitled Ethical Wisdom, Journalist Mark Matousek captures ideas from cognitive psychology, philosophy, and evolutionary biology to explain why people choose (or not) to do the right thing. Matousek also exposes many of our behaviors, including why we overestimate our goodness and misevaluate the power of situations to bring out our sense of living a moral life, and why we allow ourselves to cheat. Extracting on the latest scientific discoveries and interviews with social scientists, spiritual leaders, ex-cons, and philosophers, Ethical Wisdom is a helpful and important book for readers discovering their own sense of a moral path. After reading Ethical Wisdom readers will have a better mindset on what it means to live a moral life. With the theme of morality, comes a happier and healthier life. This allows consumers to have a better understanding on what kinds of foods are healthier for you versus those are bad for you your overall health. Living a life of purity relates to the way that Whole Foods is portraying the image of purity to their consumers. In the article entitled, “On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense” written by Friedrich Nietzsche. The main viewpoint
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