The Cultural Values Of An Organization

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The Underlying Cultural Values of an Organization Brian C. Satterlee (2014) discuss, “Culture is the set of shared attitudes, values goals, and practices that characterized a society, or in the business sense, an organization” (p.42). The definition of Cultural values in the Cultural values Business Dictionary (2015) lists, Cultural values are commonly held standards of what is either acceptable, unacceptable or the opposite of both. Also, an organization can be described as a group of people that interact with each other to “perform essential functions that help attain goals” (Daft, 2013, p. 12). Combine these three underlying concepts combine the cultural values of an organization. The Cultural Values of an Organization The cultural values of an organization are conjoined with the shared attitudes, values goals of an individual or an organization with the same mission and/or business (Satterlee, 2014). Organizations may offer a product or item, but the merchandise is not what necessarily keep the outsider returning. The value an outsider is intrigued with is the symbol, the shared attitude, and value goals offered. As a result, the outsider recognizes the symbols presented, which is comparable to what the insider saw. For example, Steve Jobs is not experienced with the apple product, Steve Jobs is the apple product. The apple product concept was incardinated inside Mr. Jobs and was shared with the world. Subsequently, insiders recognized and accepted the commonly held
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