The Cultural Values Of Multi-Culture And Cultural Diversity

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There is a cultural value difference everywhere, it’s unrealistic to believe how multicultural differences affect society. We can observe multi-culture spread around the world. The author tries to show us how multi-culture is managed to survive in a respectful way with diverse society. People migrate to the various part of the world and managed to live humbly practicing their culture and others. We can also perceive the value and the effect of cultural belief. Multi-culture can be characterized as an act for different cultures. We can describe what multicultural means, it’s value and negative effect on a society. Multiculturalism can be expressed as sharing different ideas and values among society. Having the diversity will help to learn new thing and help us how to collaborate and be together while it last. The author supported his argument based interviewing the victims, he was involved and had contact with the victims. It’s hard to see what different cultures value most. Everybody needs to respect their own culture. Multi-culture allows us to learn different things and also helps us to live in a different society. Most immigrant people live by collaborating both culture.
A valuable aspect of multi-culture can be defined in many ways, the bond, the respect for family and keeping the culture strong and thriving. Parents are the concrete for us to learn about everything. Family comes first, we learn to love and respect from our parents. Despite the fact people migrate to
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