The Cultural Values Of Organizational Design

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Do you think it is possible for an outsider to accurately discern about the underlying cultural values of an organization by analyzing symbols, ceremonies, dress, or other observable aspects of culture in comparison to an insider with several years of work experience? Select a percentage (e.g., 10%, 70%, etc.) and explain your reasoning. Corporate culture is an element of organizational design that is very difficult to define. Culture is described as the “unwritten, feeling part of the organization” (Daft, 2016, p. 386) and can be formal, informal and intangible. Daft explains that “the visible elements of culture…reflect deeper values in the minds of organization members” (2016, p. 387). The deeper values that Daft is referring to are the essence of culture and are therefore difficult to qualify and quantify. Large or global companies additionally and frequently develop subcultures, and this further complicates an outsider’s perspective and ability to discern a culture accurately (Daft, 2016). Culture is often studied, perhaps due in part, to the difficulty researchers and organizational leaders have in impacting and capturing the essence of what makes some companies have a positive culture while others do not. This is because “culture exists at two levels – the underlying values and assumptions and the visible artifacts and observable behaviors” (Daft, 2016, p. 393). I believe that a maximum of 50% of the observable, cultural behaviors can be reported upon versus an
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