The Cultural Values Of The Brazilian Culture

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Looking around the world there are so many different kinds of cultures and subcultures. There is no way to completely understand all of them. But looking at pieces of a culture can help us better understand the culture as a whole. There are many parts of cultures that are hard to understand, especially when it seems like their values are different from our own. But taking what I know to be true in the American culture, I can use it to understand a few aspects of the Brazilian culture which differ from my own. Some of Brazilian’s cultural values that differ from the American culture include communication, cleanliness, and views on vacations. Brazilians say what the think and this comes off as blunt and absurd to those who grew up in America. In an interview by a women that went on a mission trip she states how she was called fat but not in a degrading way. She though this was inappropriate because in America this talk was inappropriate. I found that the reason why they are more blunt to us Americans is because of the translation. “When Brazilians use English with native speakers of English, sometimes they will sound more blunt than they mean to. Similarly, when nonnative speakers of Portuguese use Portugeuse with Brazilions, they will also sound more blunt then they mean to,” “Do not be surprised when Brizlians ask you to calm down, when all along you think you are being calm. And on the other end, do not be surprised if Brazilians sound overly happy, nice and supportive
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