The Cultural and Human Elements of the Great Bob Marley’s Music

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Macias 1 The Cultural and Human Elements of the Great Bob Marley’s Music One of the elements of being human in Bob Marley’s life was his religious beliefs in Rastafarianism and the way it influenced his music. Social justice issues, social classes, dialect, the government and economic systems of Jamaica are some of the cultural elements that were a great part of Bob Marley’s music, along with his faith, that helped inspired countless of his musical achievements. In addition to, he weaved these elements together to create his music, his style. In his music, there are various human elements…show more content…
In addition to, he sang about the poverty and the drastic wealth inequality between the rich and the poor in both Jamaica and the world, and about the tension and conflicts this generates in the song ‘Belly Full’. Most of Bob Marley’s songs are written and sung in Patois, an English Dialect spoken in the British Caribbean, mainly in the island of Jamaica. This human and cultural element of language is culture specific to the island of Jamaica since humans diffused and collaborated various languages to form the dialect of Patois. In a 1975 interview by Karl Dallas with Bob Marley, he stated, "No, he can't unnerstand that," he says in an aside to Taylor. "That's a patois. It's not straight English you can write. Sometimes we sing in patois." I believe, as well as Bob Marley, that music is a universal language that the artist definitely uses to express themselves in ways only they can through their music. There are many musicians expressing their beliefs, visions, lifestyles, etc... in a dialect that their audience can comprehend through the music they put together for the world to appreciate, as the great Bob Marley did. As Mrs. Judy Garlan White commented on The Notes of New Edition in ‘Catch a Fire – The Life of Bob Marley’ authored by Timothy White ‘…this sadness has been tempered by the fact that their voices not only do reverberate but often seem to be getting louder – Bob Marley’s through the vast, growing reach and

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