The Culture And Climate Of A Well Disciplined Unit

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The culture and climate of a well-disciplined unit will show apparent by strong core values and attributes displayed by its unit members. It all starts with the recruiter and potential applicant. Recruiting and processing qualified applicants with good moral values and strong character traits is where it starts. In addition, Basic Combat Training (BCT) needs to build upon character development, focus on strong leadership traits and instill the core values of the Army. The Army needs “standard bearers” and not Soldiers and Leaders, who choose the easy wrong over the hard right. Providing proper training and honest feedback will create competence in our military ethnics. We need Soldiers and Leaders of strong character that will teach,…show more content…
We can apply it almost every circumstance we have experienced in life, especially being a leader. The Army must continue to develop methods that will help prevent unethical decisions and behavior that degrade the culture and climate of our units.
In the beginning It starts with recruiting individuals with strong moral character and the qualities needed,

which are essential in filling our ranks with future Soldiers and Leaders. There should be zero

doubts in the recruiter’s mind the applicant they are processed for enlistment have these

attributes. It states in Army Regulation (AR) 601-210” all persons who process applicants for

enlistment in the Regular Army (RA), Army Reserve (AR), or Army National Guard (ARNG)

will use the utmost care to procure qualified personnel. Eligibility of personnel will be based on

their ability to meet all requirements, to include procurement of prescribed waivers.” (Army Regulation (AR) 601-210 Active and Reserve Components Enlistment Program, 2011).

can tell you from personal experience. Finding an applicant that does not require a waiver to

enlist is somewhat like “Big foot” you hear about it, but never see it. But during this process

before they raise their right hand and take the Oath of Enlistment, we have prior knowledge of

the applicant’s moral compass. If you have an applicant that has a “rap sheet” ten pages long, we

need to reconsider this person’s character and use the “utmost care” to
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