The Culture At My Previous Employment

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Leaders must work with others in the organization to understand the organization’s culture. The core beliefs and values that are shared by the organization’s members, that guide their actions in its behalf and define their expectations about the actions of those around them (Beach, 2006). In analyzing the culture at my previous employment, I discovered a few different types of cultures existed within my organization. The organization I worked for was a manufacturer of foam components to the Automotive, Appliance, Medical and Military industries. We have provided engineered solutions to leading global manufacturers since 1992. The company consisted of approximately 50 employees, in which about 10 of those were office personnel and the…show more content…
My duties included taking customer complaints, order entry, invoicing, monitoring inventory levels, and purchasing raw materials and supplies for the company.

Based on the survey results and my experience at the company, the culture at my organization was pragmatic and micro-managed. I felt the culture was pragmatic due to our mission statement which was Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority. This was the first thing I learned when I joined the organization 11 years ago. The slogan was written all over the place. It was even engraved on the pens we wrote with. We had to know it. The customer came before anyone or anything else. Whatever the customer wanted the customer got within reason. Top-notch customer service from all employees was a must. All employees were aware that they were expected to put the customers first always. Mixed with this culture was a micromanagement culture. The organization had such a small office personnel that the general manager tended to second guess everything we did. Employees would be monitored every step of the way through projects or assignments. When something did not meet the standards or expectations of the company the employee was monitored even further. This lead to people working in fear, trying to cover up and hide mistakes. The culture at my workplace also allowed people to hoard what they know. Communication was only free flowing amongst individual groups. We had in-groups an
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