The Culture At Nickelodeon, Crafted Carefully By Taran

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The culture at Nickelodeon, crafted carefully by Taran Swan, was one that could be characterized as creative, inclusive, heterarchical, and harmonious. Teamwork was of utmost importance in Swan’s Nickelodeon as well as reliability, so employees were able to communicate and work together, while also focusing on delivering accurate individual contributions. Furthermore, the culture did not offer preferential treatment to executive managers over lower level employees; instead, it followed a heterarchical structure of treatment which generated a sense of equality and energized the workplace. The inclusive nature of the culture was evidenced by what one department head said about their roles, “The whole team decided on these issues. We all…show more content…
Additionally, Swan consistently asked questions to force her team members to think broadly about the implications of their decisions to ensure that they visualize a bigger picture of the potential consequences and to be able to think of alternatives ahead of time. Swan also encouraged the individuality of the employees by setting different guidelines for the different focus groups she established. This ensured that while these teams will collaborate and work together, they will still have to work individually according to their own guidelines. Swan also emphasized the importance of communication by leading bi-monthly Update Meetings, rotating the meetings’ leadership based on the feedback from an internal survey, and opening lines of communication with employees who were having tensions with other members or who wanted to communicate with Swan directly. 3. Describe Swan’s leadership style. What impact has it had on the culture? When assessing Swan’s leadership style, one cannot help but reference Ancona’s four leadership capabilities. In the saturated media market, Swan was quick to prioritize “capturing attention and differentiating the brand in order to convince affiliates and advertisers to choose Nickelodeon over the plethora of other channels.” Furthermore, she knew the importance of signing up advertisers ahead of time, even before there was a channel, in order to seal the corporate approval. These

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