The Culture Industry By Adorno And Horkheimer And The Magic System

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Throughout society, hegemony has developed and thrived within the socio-economic culture. The interaction of individuals and the relation to the hegemonic society has created this new grouping of the public; to be consumer culture. The socio-economic structure thrives in capitalism and has evolved society, culturally. A new way of living has evolved and ultimately altered and shaped the public to be heavily influenced by capitalism. The two-works affected and focused around this topic are; The Culture Industry by Adorno and Horkheimer and The Magic System by Raymond Williams. The Magic System primarily focuses on how advertising development allows the public to grasp and comprehend the meaning, in accordance to be able to perceive modern advertising. Raymond Williams writes from his perspective as a committed socialist, which entails the condition that “private-sector capitalism cannot fulfill the needs of a society as a whole” (Williams, 1960, p.410). The Culture Industry highlights how cultural production has unified society together, due to the inflammation of standardized products. The Culture Industry has become so prevalent and dominant, that the distinction between art and life is blurred. In general, both theorists share similar concepts and ideas throughout their works that can be identified through certain characteristics. In contrast, their thoughts and ideas can also be different in accordance to the two theorist’s fundamental principles. In both The Culture

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