The Culture Of A Cultural Dance Essay

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A Cultural Dance is defined as a dance, originating from a specific culture or county. Passed down from generation to generation, often preformed with the cultures traditional music. Although the three performance have similarities because they are each cultural dance, the performances have multiple reasons, why they are different.
Identification and Description The Bhangra Empire, DANCE This, and Hopak all were traditional dance costumes from their culture. The Bhangra Empire dressed in traditional Bharatanatyam Indian Saris costumes. DANCE This don Kente cloth, traditional worn in Ghana. Hopak costumes wore Traditional Ukrainian Costumes. However, their traditional costumes were extremely different. The Bharatanatyam Indian Saris reminisce the color of a Peacock feathers; every shade of the rainbow. The Kente cloth were shade of brown and beige mud. Some dancer were topless. The performers showed more skin, while the other two performance, they dancers were more covered. The Ukrainian Kozak costumes were bright red and blue tall boots and baggy blouses, pants, and skirt. The African and Ukrainian music was played their traditional music live. The African performers danced to the beat of the drum, while the Urkainan performed with a live band. The Indian dance to nontraditional music for instance starting of their performance to Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio. The DANCE This and Hopak performed on a typical theater stage with regular stage lights. The Bhangra Empire
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