The Culture Of A School

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The culture of a school, just like the culture of a business or community, is the way people commonly behave and whether they view their actions as right or wrong according to that culture. The students and teachers throughout the area are all in the same society, but they are connected even more in depth by the culture that is developed at each school. At Jack P. Nix Primary School the culture was geared towards making the students successful and creating positive life habits. Although the school was only kindergarten through second grade, they were able to influence their lives through the uplifting culture at the school. The classroom I worked in promoted positive behaviors and actions as well as developing good habits to take home such as eating habits, behavioral habits, and how others should be treated. The culture at Jack P. Nix Primary School was portrayed to the students through the classroom and elective teachers, administrators and administrative staff, and the janitors, lunch ladies, and bus drivers. The teacher I worked under, Ms. Linda, was very free-spirited and easy going. Her classroom was run on a good-behavior only reward system. Bad behaviors were not given much attention unless necessary which caused the students to focus on getting attention through doing their work well and acting the appropriate way. Students knew what was expected of them, and even as kindergarteners they followed the expectations extremely well. They were not expected…
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