The Culture Of An Organization

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The culture of an organization sets the tone for any work environment. Human resources and organizational culture works best together when an organization realizes if a potential employee is the best fit for the organization’s culture. However, the prospective employee must understand and realize if they are the best fit for the organization’s culture. Organizational culture relies on practices of the organization and how it affects the employee; it is the environment of the workplace. “Leaders first create culture when they create groups and organizations; once culture exists, they determine the criteria for leadership roles and from there, will determine who is capable of being leaders” (Schein, 2004, p. 311). Business professor, David…show more content…
The organization was comprised of a very diverse group. In this setting, I was comfortable because I was surrounded by people who I could relate to. The owner introduced me to everyone and gave me a tour of the company on the first day. The owner told me to help myself to all of the snacks and sodas in the kitchen because he believed that small things in life go a long way with employees. He also told me to look around and notice the different type of people working for the company. He said, “Everyone is different, they all come from different backgrounds. Some are gay, some are straight, some are white, some are black, some are disabled and some are not; this is done purposely to create an environment where we all need each other and if you can’t approach Mike, because he’s gay or Shelly because she is Latina, then this is not the job for you”. “To manage diversity, employers must first understand and then manage their organizational cultures, defined as the values, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, attitudes, and norms shared by a majority of the organization’s members” (Pynes, 2013, p. 139). Within my first year, I learned about how diversity develops the organizational culture. I was able to recognize and understand the importance of different backgrounds working together to achieve goals. The organization molded me to be a better employee, to understand teamwork, and it allowed me to determine if I was a good fit. I had a few friends who started working for
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