The Culture Of Asian American And Being Labeled As An Ethnic

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Preface In this essay, I attempted to lay bare the issues of being an Asian-American and being labeled as an ethnic “other” in modern America. This label of “other” causes them to become marginalized and lose their sense of identity, belonging neither to Western culture nor Eastern culture. In order help stop this loss of identity in Asian-Americans, we must tear down the social construct of the “other” and integrate the different cultures into the melting pot of popular culture. Once we have stopped alienating different cultures, we can then have a moral society that upholds diversity and identity. The Struggles of the Other The apparent dominance of White-Europeans in America results in a common set of values, beliefs, and norms that are endorsed by Whites, leading to an America whose vision is filtered through the lens of the White-European perspective. This established vision and power creates the social construct of the ethnic “other.” As an ethnic “other” in America, my analysis incorporates my personal experiences and the experiences of those around me. In a nation that has a population so diverse in personal and collective identities, problems regarding morality and culture can arise. In the America of the past and present, the norm by which all are measured against is that of a heterosexual White-European. This norm creates a conflict with the marginalized groups who wish to gain acceptance by and into the dominant culture, but are not allowed to do so due to their
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