The Culture Of Chin Leadership And Management

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Leadership and Management
The culture of China, in terms of management inside of a company is described as each person has a very clear role and that helps organization to keep things in order. Unlike Serbia and Montenegro where it has a culture of employees expecting employer to give them detailed directions and no questions are expected. Generally managers in China use autocratic leadership style. However they will not embarrass or punish employee publicly or in front of the colleagues. Another important factor is the hierarchy of Chinese culture. Even though the actual control is at the top of line management there may be informal interaction between staffs or managers and staffs (, 2014).
Looking at management
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Chinese culture is more people oriented where role and responsibilities are not stated clearly and when the problems are faced they seek for teamwork approach no matter which role they are assigned to. Consequently, each individual can engage themselves in a plethora of ventures in contest of their time and resources (Busch et al., 2013).
Relationships are vital in China and looking after your network of relationships is viewed as road to success. For example during the work time people view their coworkers also as friends. If one of them were in trouble they would help them. The goals of a team are very vital and if the team succeeds everyone get compensated for the success. If the team fails it would be difficult to blame someone for not performing the task well. Even though teamwork is motivating and it builds better relationship between employees as well as trust it can result in resource waste and lack of accountability in the end results (, 2014).
According to Hofstede China is collectivist in nature, which means they work hard for the result of group achievement. They do not look so much on individual achievement but stress the group effort. Teamwork is held in high esteem in China, and is therefore interwoven into the very existence of the people. The philosophy that they adhere is that the group is more important than any individual (, 2014).
Power distance is high in China due
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