The Culture Of Circle A Builders

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The culture of Circle A Builders is very important to us. As stated previously, we do not strive to be the largest builder in the area. Our company culture is to be honest, respectful, trustworthy, and to work hard for our customer. We strive to be a member of their building team. This culture has made it feasible for us to create long lasting relationships with customers who feel comfortable calling us for any size job, not feeling as if we are unapproachable. They appreciate our employees, knowing that if Jerry is unable to be at a jobsite that our employees will do just as good of a job for them, or call Jerry if they have questions. Our work team culture is relaxed, but with the expectation that it is okay to have fun, but the job needs to be done by the end of the day. Our employees understand that they each take a part in the responsibility of getting the job done and having satisfied customers. Strategic Intent As stated previously, our strategic intent is to remain the size we are. We have the ability to grow, but we feel most comfortable at the size we are. We understand that if we grow, we will have increased responsibility to our employees, and our overhead will grow. We are at a comfortable, manageable size for us. It has taken us a long time to become a strategically sound business. This also continues to allow us to invest in our alternate course, including rentals and investment properties. If we were to grow our business, we would need to

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