The Culture Of European Countries

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According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Culture is the beliefs or attitudes about something that the people in a particular group or organization share. When used as a collective noun a culture is the set of customs, traditions and values of a society or community, such as an ethnic group or nation. According to Natural History Museum, The Continent of Africa is essential to all cultures. Human life originated from this continent and began to migrate around sixty thousand years ago. Kohistan is a mountainous region lying between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Kohistani people are also called as Dards because of the language they use from Dardic branch which actually hails from Indo- Aryan sub- family.
The word culture
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Okonkwo’s furious manhood overpowers everything in his life, including his own conscience. When he feels bad after killing his adopted son, he asks himself: when did you become shivering old women? (TFA, 51) He views all the things feminine as distasteful, in part because they remind him of his laziness and cowardice.
Thompson Diane critically comments that the women in the novel Things Fall Apart, meanwhile, are obedient, quiet, and absent from positions of deciding authority. But the fact is that Igbo women were traditionally involved in villager’s leadership activities.(42) Okonkwo went to see Nwakibie a man with highest title which one can take in their clan with a pot of palm-wine and a cock. Okonkwo worked for Nwakibie to earn his first Yam seeds. When the palm-wine was distributed to villagers, the wine was equally distributed to the wives of Nwakibie also.
…..the group drank, beginning with the eldest man …Nwakibie sent for his wives…Anasi was the first wife and the others could not drink before her… There was authority in her bearing and she looked every inch the ruler of the womenfolk in a large and prosperous family. She wore the anklet of her husband 's titles, which the first wife alone could wear. ( TFA, 14)

Thompson Diane comments that the book opens with the Arcadian atmosphere that exhibits the essential qualities of a primordial image of a primitive society (124) which is bound by laws of nature, good and
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