The Culture Of Geek Culture

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Globalization has intertwined us up to the point where the whole world has become one entity. Consequently, different cultures have been integrated to what we today known as popular culture. The Internet has converted everything instantly viral like movies, series, book sagas, comics, anime and video games. There is no place on social media where you cannot feel identified with someone with an affinity of your resemblance. Today, being a geek is not an oddity, to the contrary, being a geek has become part of pop culture up to the point where it has turned into a part of our identity. As the evolution of technology has connected identities from all around the world, geek culture has created a network of individuals with mutual values in spite of their race, ethnicity and cultural traditions. Before the internet became the network that we know today, “geek” was a term that our society looked down upon. “Geek” used to be related to people who had knowledge about technology, in other words those who were classified as “nerds”. These kind of classifications were seen as a bad characteristic. Being a geek made you an outcast, geeks and nerds couldn’t even think of being accepted into the popular groups due to their weird personalities and preferences. Nevertheless, as technology evolved and the creation of the Internet interconnected our world, the word geek has been deconstructed up to the point where its past meaning makes no relevance to today’s definition. Geek, as today’s
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