The Culture Of Honduras And The Context Of Gender Roles, Education And Religion

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In this paper, I will focus my research on the culture of Honduras and how the context of gender roles, education and religion are all influenced by rural versus urban spaces. The economic structure of this county heavily influences these topics. I will refer back to my interview with Monsel, a Honduran-American woman who moved to America at the age of 16 years old, and discuss both the similarities and differences of this research relating to her own personal account. In Honduras, like a majority of Latin American countries, the social context of women is relegated to the home and being a housewife. Gender relations are seen as paramount to how people interact, how business is done, political development and the general view of society as a whole. (CITE) The situation for women in Honduras, and their position juxtaposed to men, is dominated by an economically hierarchal and patriarchal society. A large part of how women are viewed or treated is based upon whether they are impoverished and live in rural outskirts of cities, or wealthier and within the city context. (CITE) Poverty vs. wealth plays a huge factor in the role of women. According to the US Agency for International Development, the participation of women in the labor market in Honduras had a significant increase in the 90’s from 30% to 45%. There happened to be a huge increase in demand for agricultural equipment, and women were able to find jobs outside of the home. Unfortunately, the pay rate was not at all
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