The Culture Of Indonesia And The American And European Countries

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Culture is a society of a person that has his or her own beliefs, customs, and art and also it describes a persons and they style they think, behave and relates to how they perform in the working environment. The culture in Indonesia is diverse compared to the American and European countries. Indonesia is a Muslim country that involves of three main races, Chinese, Indian and Malay. The clothing 's that are sold in the country is more conservative compare to American and Europe countries. How do the American companies can enter the Asian Market? Firstly, they need to know the trade barriers when entering the market because they need to see whether or not the company is financially stable and they need to understand the different…show more content…
The answer towards this is to have risks and moving frontward with the choice to discover into new markets

What are the Trade Barriers into entering an Asian Market?

Trade barriers are the ways that governments or public are familiarizing to make imported goods or services less economical than locally produced goods and services. For an American company to make an exchange and enter the Asian sector, they need to identify which country they would like to establish their business and to identify the trade barriers for that exact country. There are several barriers such as government imposed barriers are the ones that are connected to import regulations, import quotas, tariffs and product specifications. Invincible trade barriers were linked to cultural and social conditions or on the government’s policy. The visible trade barriers were linked to the concern of tariff and non-tariff barriers. Tariff barriers were related to high and low tariff rates of certain goods but non-tariff barriers were related to quotas, norms and consumer protection measures.

U.S firms need to understand certain types of the Asian market such as employment relationships and the different kinds of cultures. The host country factors included the government’s restrictions on foreign direct investment (FDI), lower protections of intellectual property and the cost of land. The barriers for internationalization may impact a
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