The Culture Of Iran Is A Major Element Of Cultural Competence

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"Cultural awareness is a major element of cultural competence as defined by the National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC). It is the first and foundational element because without it, it is virtually impossible to acquire the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that are essential to cultural competence" (Goode). The focus of the paper will be to discuss the culture of Iran. Iran is located within the Middle East centered just between the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf. Even though Iran is not one of the largest countries, it is roughly smaller than Alaska in size. Iran has a long history of conflict dating all the way to the time of the Romans. A multitude of leaders dating back before the Roman era and earlier have taken the responsibility of the task of leading Iran. Throughout the years, Iran was involved in many conflicts while still today holding its own against other countries in the world. Iran is located within the Middle East with the bordering countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey. As early as the period of the Romans, Iran had many types of leaders, conflicts and enemies in the world. Their government structure is similar to most countries such as the United States and Britain. The only difference they have one person that has the power over almost everything, which is the Supreme Leader. Their untrained military, imported and outdated weapons, and a small military force compared to most of the larger countries of
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