The Culture Of Media Advertisements

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Culture in Media ADS The definition of culture states that it means a way of life of a group of people, the behaviors the beliefs values and symbols that they accept. Generally without thinking about them, and they are passed along by communication and imitation by one generation to the next. In the HSBC commercials we see them showing the differences between for an example the way certain cultures do business. Some American meetings take place standing up in order to save time. In Japan this would be unacceptable, because the managers need to take time to contemplate what is being discussed. In Thailand showing the soles of your feet is considered rude, which in America this way of resting or relaxing is seen all the time. Showing the palm of your hand as a gesture would be unacceptable in parts of Greece. Here in the United States when you show the palm of your hand Toward someone’s face you are stating “talk to the hand”, which in essence means “ I do not care to hear anything that you have to say.” The HSCB commercials state that local knowledge is important concerning culture. These commercials denote the fact that you can learn something about different cultures that can directly or indirectly benefit a business endeavor you may have or be involved in. The Gatorade commercials called the G-Series does, a lot of advertisement using athletes such as Michael Jordan. Gatorade dominates the sports drink market. Gatorade markets its product not only to athletes, but
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