The Culture Of North Korea

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Culture of North Korea A particular society that has its own beliefs and ways of life define Culture. Major characteristics that define culture are Learned Behavior, Abstract, Products of Behavior, Attitudes, and Values Knowledge. We may define culture as the total of human achievements or the way of life of the people in a certain geographical area. The Peoples Republic of North Korea is a great example of this definition. The Democratic People 's Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia located in the Northern part of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea is known for its infamous Communist beliefs and portrayed bully mentality type of government. However this great nation has way more history and authenticity as a culture that helped shape the world’s history.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a mountainous region with a very cold climate. However, it does experience all four seasons. The western coastal plain surrounding the capital Pyongyang is the largest area of flat terrain. The eastern region is mainly mountainous having rivers, valleys, and high plateaus scattered throughout. Paektu-sam is the highest elevation located in North Korea. North Korea also shares a land border with China to the north, along the border runs the Tumen River. A small section of this river also forms its border with Russia. The most popular border shared is the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Which mark the boundaries of North and South Korea as a result of World War II.
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