The Culture Of Popular Culture

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Studying popular culture reveals the culture of society at the time. Further, popular culture reveals the underlying belief, power structures, and philosophical and moral frame of the society that produces those cultural products. Studying popular culture gives us an accessible vehicle through which to explore philosophical and moral questions, as well as the functioning of society on a smaller scale (fan based, consumption), through which we can make larger assumptions. Studies of popular culture may be broad based or very specific, depending on who is conducting the studies. Popular culture includes cultural artifacts, such as books, films, music genre, as well as how the culture is being marketed and the market that is being targeted.
One such popular culture was riot grrrl… which occurred during the early ‘90s. The main objective of this movement was to make feminism cool again and to get more young girls involved. “Riott Grrrl encouraged women and girls to take control of the means of cultural production and be part of ‘revolution girl-style now’ through music and zines (short for “fanziness’, that is, fan magazines produced by fans themselves) that put their own personal experiences at the forefront” (Schilt, 115). By the late 1980’s, many women were disenchanted with the punk scene during this time. Riot grrrl… was instrumental in bringing back every day, down-to-earth issues into the feminist spotlight. This popular culture allowed women and girls an

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