The Culture Of Poverty : Promising Practices That The Number Of Children

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Poverty is something that significantly impacts the lives of many people. Cuthrell, Stapleton, and Ledford (2010) stated in the article Examining the Culture of Poverty: Promising Practices that the number of children in the United States living in poverty is nearing 13 million. Cuthrell et al. (2010) also stated this means one of six children is poor. These statistics justify that poverty is a pivotal issue educators need to understand to benefit those students that are living in poverty. In the article The Importance of Making the Well-Being of Children in Poverty a Priority it states, “children from low-income families are more likely to suffer from preventable illnesses, fail in school, become teenage parents, and become involved in the justice system” (Prince, Pepper, & Brocato, 2006, P. 21). This shows that there are many obstacles and barriers that people living in poverty will have to face and overcome. It is very important that both people living in poverty and those that work with individuals that live in poverty become educated on how to conquer these obstacles. School Counselors are going to play a large role in helping students that are being raised in poverty. They will not only help the students that are living in poverty, but the school staff and parents as well.
Define Poverty There are many ways that people define the term poverty. Cuthrell et al. (2010) defined extreme poverty as, “living with an annual income of less than $7,870 for a family…

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