The Culture Of Poverty Theory

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In an encounter with behavior or values regarding relationships and violence that conflict with their own, people often depend on describing these instances inadequately by ignoring crucial factors. Although, restricted explanations of violence and gendered relationships often promote fallacious conjectures. These assertions offer an explanation for certain aspects of societal patterns, though none of them should be applied when studying violence and relationships because they attempt to determine an innate deficit within an individual despite the other components of the individual’s life that contributed to their lifestyle and indiscretions.
One of these explanations is biological essentialism, the ideology that human actions are dictated by multiple physical characteristics. biological essentialism is an ineffective method to studying sexuality and gendered relationships because it does not consider the social, familial, and politically imposed regulations on the individual that have influenced their sexuality. Another restricted notion is the culture of poverty theory, which relies on describing poverty as a tradition perpetuated within families and communities. The culture of poverty theory fails to examine critical aspects such as racism and prejudice while condemning an individual of a marginalized community for perpetuating poverty. Lastly, is Psychotherapeutic literature, which attempts to explain the actions of an individual by diagnosing them with a physical
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