The Culture Of Saudi Arabia

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THE CULTURE OF SAUDI ARABIA SSG LUCAS, TIMOTHY 13B40 SENIOR LEADER COURSE (003-17) THE CULTURE OF SAUDI ARABIA The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very diverse group of people with a heavy religious background. The Kingdom, located on the Arabian Peninsula situated amongst a very hot and arid climate. The people of Saudi Arabia remain very family oriented and have transformed from a nomadic culture to a very wealthy and thriving nation, largely due to their large deposits of oil. Daily life in Saudi Arabia remains predominately dominated by the observance of their faith. The Culture of Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands ruled by a monarchy that has been in place…show more content…
Islam is practised by all Saudis and governs their personal, political, economic and legal lives. Islam originated in the area surrounding Saudi Arabia leading to the country being visited by millions of Muslims yearly. The Prophet Muhammad is seen as one of God 's emissaries to bring revelation to mankind. He was distinguished with bringing a message for the whole of mankind, rather than just to a certain group of people. Moses brought the Torah and Jesus, the Bible, Muhammad brought the last book, the Quran. The Quran and the actions of the Prophet remain used as the basis for all guidance in the religion. Muslims must pray five times a day - at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. Friday is the Muslim holy, day meaning many businesses close on Thursday, making a long weekend Thursday thru Sunday. During the holy month of Ramadan all Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and may be only permitted to work no more than six hours per day. Fasting includes no eating, drinking, or cigarette smoking. Non-Muslims may not be required to fast; however, they must not eat, drink, or smoke in public. Each night at sunset, families and friends gather together to celebrate the breaking of the fast and have large family dinners. The festivities often continue into the night with much singing and dancing. Things happen more slowly during Ramadan. Many businesses operate on a half-day schedule. Shops often open and close at unusual times. The Language of Saudi

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