The Culture Of Shut Up By Jon Lovett Essay

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Within a society that is reliant on the internet as a means of connectedness to one another, there will be drawbacks. The fate of this society is how people grasp this concept of unlimited compatibility and get around the drawbacks. Within the internet and all the ideas and saying that are flooded into the streams of computer-human interactions there will always be room for backlash and critique. In the article “The Culture of Shut Up” Jon Lovett produces his ideas on how society needs to get a grip on the endless amount of connectedness that spawns from the internet and how people must deal with the fact of how unreserved it is. When someone says something, a person doesn’t agree with, Lovett states that you cannot just tell them to “shut up” because they won’t shut up, they don’t have to and they never will. “You don’t beat someone’s idea by beating the thinker. You beat their idea with an idea. The fact of the matter is that society must use the connectedness offered by the modern age of technology to their advantage rather than be set off track by some drawbacks that come with it. Jon Lovett uses the internet and the effect on society as his topic in “The Culture of Shut Up.” Lovett exemplifies the routine of how people must concern themselves with something else rather than get tied into a dead-end controversy with something someone said that they didn’t happen to agree with. A basepoint to start with this series is social media. The effect social media has on
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