The Culture Of Soccer Is More Than Just Articles

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The culture of soccer is more than just articles written in sport pages, or rumors about players been transferred from one club to another. It includes a bigger picture that covers many different social, political and economic aspects of the game. In countries where the sport is not that relevant, people refer to it as soccer. In others where the sport is very popular and has been around for a long time, it is referred to as football. When it comes to the sport, there are two very different ideas relevant to how people view it. In said countries where soccer is the national sport, the game is viewed as if it can achieve anything; from having just fun with your friends to helping unite people from around the world. In other countries where the sport is not as much popular, the game is seen as boring and is looked down on. This paper will explore how soccer is growing at such a rapid pace despite the fact that it can be viewed as violent and boring. Americans have become a big part of soccer in the more recent years. They have achieved a very surprising growth in the popularity of the sport. Part of them see soccer as boring because of the lack of goals in a game. Sometimes during a match, players create incredible plays which do not result in goal. But there are games where there are not many great plays nor goals resulting in some very bored viewers which can be understandable. Apart from the sport seen sometimes as boring, it also plays an important role in political

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