The Culture Of South Korea

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The Culture of South Korea
Culture is a word that can have an array of meanings; according to“” the word culture has about twelve definitions. The definition of the word culture that will be discussed in this essay is: “the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group”, this definition from the website “” involves the way people define themselves with the word. A captivating culture that is extremely ancient and interesting is the South Korean culture; this culture is known to share some similarities with the North Korean culture, but after the country split into a north and south region some of those customs changed.
According to the book called “Korea” by Sara De Capua (2005), the country of South Korea is at the end of the Korean peninsula on the continent of Asia, and the highest part of North Korea is at the top of the Korean peninsula and its borders connect with China and Russia. (Capua, 2005). The peninsula is halved by a long area called the Demilitarized Zone and contains a razor wired fence; this piece of land runs 2.5 miles wide and breaks the Korean peninsula into a northern and southern part. (Capua, 2005).The border between the North and the South is heavily guarded all the time to make sure that no one people are not crossing back and forth as they please.
The divided peninsula became two separate nations because of conflict with the government. The North part of Korea consists of a
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