The Culture Of The African Slaves Essay

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Art is important to every culture, in every country, on every continent. Art is especially important to those who are oppressed in society. This reasoning is true for the culture of the African slaves in the United States from 1830 to 1877 in particular who were forced out of the life they knew, stripped of their names, and told even beaten to forget their heritage. The method to doing this is by examining the works of several enslaved artists from that time in history, and events that happened during their daily lives, surrounding major historic events we study today. Also reading articles, journals, and important historical documents about slaves and slave culture and how life was for them in this time in the United States. Then, one can better understand exactly how essential the different forms of artistic expression were in the lives of the slaves. The right to education and showing their culture through song, and music allowed slaves to pass on their history, morality and their individual stories for all to adhere and learn to tell their story. Therefore this paper will demonstrate art was important to the culture of American slaves from 1830-1877 because it allowed self-expression, taught history and practiced morality through education, song and music. Outline I. Introduction a. Back story of slave trade b. Conditions II. Slave life a. Living conditions b. Daily life III. Music a. Importance of Music b. Music Culture IV. Education a. Importance of
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