The Culture Of The And Costa Rica

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Globalization influence almost everything around the world from the largest to the smallest country. The world leaders in how business is conducted to the appeal we wear and how our dietary needs are met. Belize and Costa Rica are two examples of the creative balancing act needed to understand the past to use the knowledge for making the informal decision, such as on cultural issues, environmental, religion choices, language, and economic development. Spanish explorers imprint has been left in Belize and Costa Rica throughout each infrastructure, religion and demographic. However, the first to establish a legacy were the Mayans. Although the Spanish conquered the indigenous people and attempted to erase their existence, we have discovered remains left behind more than a hundred years ago. These excavations have revealed incredible relics that the tremendous contribution they left in the world. Take for instance the Lamanai, is an unreconstructed memorial center, which, was idled in the 300 BC the construction resembles the pyramids with a flat top design generally used for religious practices. Among the ruins the government initiated clean up and uncovered artifacts detailing the Mayans daily lives, cultural actives, and tool. Whereas the influence of the Spanish invasion are likely to be seen in the form of religion. The Spanish left behind architecture, remnants such as grand cathedrals. St. John’s Cathedral located in the town’s main square. The cathedral like many others…

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