The Culture Of The Diaspora

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A diaspora is a scattered population with a shared origin in a smaller terrestrial area. Diaspora can also denote to the movement of the populace from its original homeland. These scattered people, living all around the world, enjoined by common roots, meet in the world of literature. As Pradeep Anand says, “Diaspora is spreading of the seed when planted in different parts of the world, absorbs unique characteristics from the local soil. Every story about the Diaspora thus becomes a unique context, a co-ordination of space, time and experience, which someday will collectively tell the whole story of a Diaspora.” The 20th Century saw people moving away from their homelands to alien environs in large numbers. This is a phenomenon which has continued in this century too. With the development of globalization, and the betterment of forms of transportation as well as dissemination of information, the large scale moving of people that the world witnessed was not an unexpected phenomenon. Families moved across the seven seas, and even more, in search of better lives, either out of compulsion or self-imposition. An important defining component of the culture of Indian Diasporas exists in the form of the literature of the Indian Diaspora. Moreover, in the study of diasporas, it acts as an important source of information. Upon the application of a holistic method, which is embedded on shared themes such as those on distress, bereavement/impossible lamentation, identity, mobile
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