The Culture Of The Egyptian Culture

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The word culture is a term that is used quite often, but what does it mean exactly? If you were to ask a group of philosophical anthropologists whose job it is to study culture, you may get a different definition from each of them. However, even though definitions of culture may differ, many of them do emphasize similar things. The definition of culture is the beliefs, customs arts, of a particular society, group, or time. A particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, which would include such things as language, beliefs, values, customs, laws. What is particularly interesting about cultures is that each culture, no matter where it is found, shares at least five basic characteristics. The Egyptian culture shares at least five basic characteristics of all cultures. They are shared based on symbols, integrated and dynamic.
Egypt is located in the northeast corner of Africa, between the Gaza Strip and Libya on the Mediterranean Sea. Sudan is bordered on the south, Libya is on the west, and bordered on the east by the Red Sea and Israel. Egypt is nearly 1 ½ times the diameter of Texas. Egypt is comprised of 97% desert, with an average temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit, experiences hot summers and mild winters, and gets only 1” of rainfall yearly. Cairo, the capital, is the largest city in Egypt with a population of 15 million people. The overpopulation has steered several modifications within the country which have had a great consequence on the environment of…
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