The Culture Of The Family

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Every family has a different culture. Whether the culture is about religion, or within the immediate family, every family has a different outlook. Laney and her family have discussed what their culture is. Culture includes what the family does on a daily basis and traditions. On a daily basis Laney keeps in touch with her family. She calls her parents daily to talk about what has happened in her life, and her parents also call her to catch up. Laney has 1 sister who she was very close with growing up. Now that her sister is married and living with her husband, their traditions have changed. Instead of seeing each other every day they now make a point to meet up. Some traditions that Laney has with her family is spending the holidays together, making trips up to her grandparent’s farm and making time for family lake trips.
Culture of Family Laney and her family are Caucasian and their religion is catholic. Growing up Laney was baptized and was taught to go to church. She got confirmed and decided to keep going to church. Laney’s parents had two children. Her older sister was raised a lot stricter than Laney was growing up. The view of their children was to be disciplined and taught to be respectful. Always help your parents if they need it, and to listen. Laney was taught to look up to her older sister for advice, and to also respect that she was older than her. Laney and her family’s view of time was to be efficient. Also, Laney and her sister were raised with age
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