The Culture Of The Italian Culture

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The Description The cultural group I decided to gain more insight on through this experience was the Italian culture. Explain history and describe! The immersion experiences in which I participated were great opportunities to learn about the culture in more depth. The first experience I was able to attend was on June 13, 2015. In downtown Indianapolis Indiana, I had the opportunity to attend the Italian Culture Festival. Organized each year by the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, this festival was full of music, cultural food, and I was lucky enough to experience a traditional Italian religious procession and Mass (Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 2015). The festival was packed with people from the city and from the Italian culture. I had never experienced a festival such as the one held in Indianapolis. Being from the east coast and not of the Italian culture, the festival was a refreshing yet, uncomfortable experience at times. I observed a traditional dance, the tarantella and those around the area all seemed to know most of the steps or the words to some of the songs in the set they played. The locals tried to get me to dance along but, I could not keep up with them on the fly. The tarantella is one of the most famous of Italian dances and performers dance quickly to an upbeat song (Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 2015). It is said that the performers “sweat out” the poison of a deadly tarantula and the dance could last for hours and could be religious in nature to some.…
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