The Culture Of The Mexican Culture

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How many different types of cultures are there? Here’s the answer there are many cultures. My story starts like this; both of my parents are from Guadalajara well most of my family is from that part of México. Being part of the Mexican culture is very different from other cultures, but every culture is unique of its own way. Many Mexican people have preserved and still do many of their ancestors’ traditions. Tradition plays a big role in my family for example: the food we eat, the music we listen to, what we dance to and what we celebrate to. I wanted a sweet sixteen but of course being Mexican my parents said no. Being in the Mexican culture tradition is that when you turn 15 you’re supposed to have a Quinceanera it symbolizes that you are no longer a kid but you are now a young women. Many people think a Quinceanera is just a party but the real tradition is to have a church mass. Since I am catholic that consists of me going to church and thanking God. Social behaviors impact your life in many ways. You have roles and rules in your cultures. When you’re with your friends you act a different way. When it has to do with family or church groups you have a role and rules and your behavior is different. Women and Males have different rules and roles. Mother is supposed to stay home and Father is supposed to work to help his family. Women are not supposed to do yard work their job is inside. That has changed with the year’s most
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