The Culture Of The Mexican Culture

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The Culture A cultural analysis is a combination of many elements. Cultures have traditions, customs, habits, beliefs, practices, and values. Each culture can have different traditions in their own essence. These traditions can come from their ancestors ' and passed down the generations. However, some people don’t like to continue their ancestors traditions and adapt others customs from another culture. The culture change depending on the time and place. The enrichment of cultures consists of adaptation and acceptance of another culture 's beliefs. Not all of the people can tolerate other cultures, traditions, languages or stereotypes. Cultures attack or support other cultural values The Mexican culture is hard-working and are strict in their values and traditions. The power and oppression of the cultures are current; social and economic conditions in the people in cultures. The Mexican culture has social and economic conditions oppressed by the power of its Government. In the play “Los Vendidos” Luis Valdez, talks about the multiple accent and background of Mexican people.
The language accent in Mexican people has a particular significance. The accent comes with stress. The Mexican Citizens put effort to learn English as a second language. However, it’s understandable that the accent of an American won’t be the same. As another person who comes from outside of the United States, An Example; in the play “Los Vendidos” Valdez talks about the multiple stereotypes of Mexican
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