The Culture Of The Minoan Art

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The Minoan civilization were forerunners of the ancient Greeks and they were a successful resourceful society. Living on the island of Crete, the Minoans livelihood depended on the sea, agriculture, and trading. The bravery and the agility of bull leaping plays an integral part in the Minoan culture and the bull is also reflective throughout their art. Additionally, religion also played an important role in the Minoan culture and this was evident in their artistic creations. Actually, the Minoan art communicates a society of high-spirited people, who adapted well to their surrounding environment. As a matter of fact, the Minoans were remarkable engineers, building complex structures like the palace at Knossos with dozens of rooms and corridors centered around a central courtyard, without protective walls. More importantly, the Minoans were known for their “wet” frescoes, the application of painting colored tints on the interior plastered walls of the palace. This type of Minoan fresco presents a three-dimensional effect, like elegant forms represented in an impressionistic manner. Painting under the time constraints of the drying plaster, allowed for inventiveness, freedom, and graceful lines, which was new to the art. More often than not, the paintings were tailored into a frame of geometric shapes. The frescoes showed how the Minoans viewed the world, their cultural beliefs, rituals, artistic beauty, elegance, physical gracefulness, and how they lived in harmony
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