The Culture Of The Music Industry

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The music industry is a diverse and ever-changing industry that has come a long way since its emergence in the mid 1600’s. (Morton) It now resides in a world that is almost entirely digital. According to Jerry Flattum, “The history of music publishing is really the history of the songs that made publishing possible. Every publisher’s success and reputation was based on it’s catalog, and mostly, how many hit songs were in that catalog.” (Flattum)
In the very beginning on the music publishing industry in 1640, all music was classical and religious. Those genres remained the only two until the later part of the 1800’s. The Whole Book of Psalms was the first music book printed in the North American British Colonies. Many of the older, major publishers began as song writers who eventually ended up becoming music publishers. (Flattum) M.Witmark and Sons were the first people to gain money on a popular current event in relation to music from the front page news, the event being President Cleveland’s wedding. They were also the first ones who made money for writing songs to be sung for specific occasions. Specific occasions being songs like, “Happy Birthday” (in the 1890’s) and Christmas songs. Witmark was one of the very first publishers to set up operations in New York’s Union Square, where many aspects of the music industry were represented. (Flattum) Witmark published many of the first songs and many people followed him to New York to create their own music publishing
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