The Culture Of The Niger Delta Region Of Southern Nigeria

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Task 1 Part A Identify at least two separate examples of native non-western cultures that have been impacted by globalization. The Ogoni culture indigenous non-western culture in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria attained influence from the oil industry (Unknown, UNPO, 2009). In 1956, after World War II, Shell Oil Company from Britain began searching for oil deposits in new territory, with discovery of oil in the Niger Delta, Nigeria (Unknown, UNPO, 2009). Prior to the globalization of the oil industry, the Ogoni culture, had a culture of tradition expanding over 500 years. This culture lived off the land, without the repercussions from todays modernization, laws and technology. The Ogoni culture of the Niger Delta lived in…show more content…
The older generation was hesitant, but as the younger generation sought the fast food and hanging out with friend, as an experience they enjoyed. The bad eating habit impressed upon them by the western culture would make them a statistic of obesity and possible further health concerns (Li, Pang, 2012). In conclusion, the family gathering for meals with healthy vegetables, fish and rice transformed the upcoming generation into fast food full of high calorie, high fat fast food (Unknown, 2010), (Editor, China Retail News, 2014), (Li, Pang, 2012). Task 1 Part B1 What caused the influence? The Shell Oil Company into Nigeria from the western society Britain, profoundly influenced the Ogoni health, and culture, including the collapse of the Ogoni cultural tradition of permanent villages in which they lived together their entire lives. For instance,the oil-producing countries throughout the world were competing for top oil producer in hoping to monopolize the market before OPEC, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, put contingencies on the market (O 'Neill, Tom, 2007). In 1956, Shell Oil Company drilled for oil in Nigeria, land untouched by the oil industry with vast quantities of oil deposit, began drilling intensively to become the top competitors of the world oil industry. In summary, the collapse of the Ogoni culture was influenced by the Shell Oil Company finding vast deposit of oil,
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