The Culture Of The Somali Culture

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Growing up for me was all but easy, going from one home to another and even from one state to another state. I was unfortunate to feel loved or wanted by anyone. The sense of belonging went right out the door like the rest of my loved ones. I had no fund memories of my childhood because I had to grow up faster than the average child. Coming from a family of seven, I didn’t really get along with my siblings nor did I like family gatherings. This insinuated that my parents had a very deviant child. This type of behavior is frowned upon in my culture. In the Somali culture you have to respect and love your siblings equally, and praise your parents. However, that was not the case for me, I disliked my siblings, and questioned my parent’s methods of parenthood. As a result, this caused many problems in my household. I was constantly fighting with my sister, brothers and parents. The way the Somali society treats its deviants is by calling a religious leader to address the situation which follows by prayers to correct the behavior. Somalis believed that praying to God would make everything better, and if that didn’t would that next step would be calling a religious leader. After leaving my native land of Somalia due to civil war. I was brought to the United States, New York City, New York to be exact when I was only six years old. For the first two years of my life I stayed with my uncle on my mother’s side. At this point my father had gone back to care for my sick grandfather…

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