The Culture Of The United States

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Within each culture you will find various items called material culture that is associated with that cultural group in a certain way (Little, 2014). These items may or may not be unique to that specific culture. However, these items represent the different ideas or beliefs of that culture. These ideas and beliefs are referred to as the nonmaterial culture (Little, 2014). In the United States there are shared ideas about certain material culture that stretches from coast to coast. Some of the ideas and beliefs about the items that I describe may be the result of stereotyping. Never the less, the ideas are share by many regardless if they are fair or unfair. The U.S. Army Uniform In a country like Iraq, the U.S. Army uniform may…show more content…
Guns are a major item in the American culture and it has played a huge role in shaping the history of this country. Despite the increase in mass shootings and the link between guns and violence, the gun continues to be a symbol of freedom and protection. Ownership of guns is a part of the U.S. constitution, therefore it symbolizes a right that we have as an American. Food For a very select few, food is only viewed as fuel for the body. For the overwhelming majority it represents lifestyle, comfort, enjoyment and fellowship. We have holidays that are centered on eating or having cookouts (barbequing and eating outdoors). Some of these holidays have nothing to do with food. Two of the United States’ leading cookout holidays are Independence Day and Memorial Day. For many people that attend church, eating after the service has become sort of a tradition. Drive past any restaurant in the evening and the chance of the parking lot being full is very high. The Minivan The minivan has grown in popularity over the years. This vehicle is unique because when you see it you automatically think that the person that has it is family oriented. It is the ultimate family vehicle and you would be hard pressed to find a person who is not married driving a minivan. Jordan Shoes It used to be that Jordan made shoes that were worn by an athlete that plays basketball. The shoe has taken on a very different meaning and is no longer just associated with basketball. This
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